Terms & conditions

Thank you very much for visiting our Webshop. In the following we summarize the principles of electronic trade with our clients. Please, read them thoroughly to get to know the exact terms of purchase and costs of delivery.

Registration for Resellers

Please, bring your (or your firm’s) name, address, phone number, a short description of your activities, a photocopy of your entrepreneur’s or company certificate, or send them in e-mail to or in fax to the +361/320-9624 fax number.
After checking the data, we get in contact with you and give the chance to purchase in our Webshop at wholesale price.

The Way of Shopping

We tried to create our Webshop with services and facilities to ease and simplify finding and buying the required product. We adapted its functions to the needs arising at personal purchase and also complemented it with further helpful ideas. We are doing our best to give the most possible information and advice about our products to help your choosing.


The prices in our Webshop contain the VAT ordered by the law. We have the right to change our prices. Modifications come into force from the moment they appear online in our Webshop. Of course, orders are delivered at the prices they were ordered.


You can get information about our products without ordering. In this case you need not provide your data. You can choose and put products into the basket while browsing, and you can order them after registration without having to collect them again. We created a multilevel structure to present our products. The links on the home site help to find the main product groups, which are further divided into subgroups. If you click on the required group, you will get a full list of the items belonging there. You can find detailed information, photos and prices for the products and put them into your basket.
If you would like to look at further items, you can find the navigation bar on every site of the Webshop.


You can order only after registration, providing your delivery and invoice data. To register, you have to fill in the datasheet implicitly. Of course, different delivery and invoice addresses can be given as well. You can modify your data any time.
You can put the chosen items in your basket before or after registration. The required quantity must be given under the photo of the product. The set quantity is 1 piece, but you can rewrite it as you wish. You can always check the contents of the basket in the right hand side, in the upper section of the message board. If you click on the link ‘The contents of the basket’, the basket comes up in full size and the data can be changed, e.g. you can delete items or modify quantities.
If you click on ’Order’ button, you can give or change your delivery and invoice address. You can give any other remarks connected to you order in the cell ’Comments’ under the selected items, e.g. if you would like to send the package to an address different from the registered one or you have further questions about the chosen products.
If you have finished and everything is all right, click on the ‘Order’ button at the bottom of the basket. In case of successful order a sign appears: ‘Thank you for your order, we have sent its data in e-mail. If we have any problem with your order, our colleagues will get in contact with you! Thank you very much for the shopping!’ At the same time, you get a verifying e-mail about your order.

Delivery and Payment


The orders are delivered by the PPS messenger service within two working days after the package was handed over to them.


The order is paid in cash on delivery.
The customer has to pay the price of the products and delivery (i.e. the costs of transportation and the fee of cash on delivery) to the messenger in cash when receiving the package.
Orders are delivered in working hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., so it is advisable to give an address where you are available at this time (e.g. your working place).

You can read the Terms of Delivery here.

Comments and complaints on delivery

If you find any damage or difference to what you ordered, the deliverer is obliged to hand over the package item by item at your request and make a report on the spot. Please, inform us about such or similar cases (e.g. a difference between the invoiced and delivered products, damaged products in unharmed packing etc.) (, on the phone (+36-1-32-09-624) or by post (H-1139 Budapest, Lomb u. 28.) within 48 hours from receiving the package in e-mail.

Withdraw from Purchase

Customers can withdraw their wish to purchase within 8 working days after receiving the order. They just have to fill in the Withdrawal Form and post (our address: H-1139 Budapest, Lomb. u. 28.) or fax it (fax number: +36-1-32-09-624) in 8 working days.
In this case the CQ-73 Ltd. is obliged to refund the money paid by the buyer at once, but at last in 30 days after getting back the products. However, the costs coming from the withdrawal must be covered by the customer.
We take back and return the price of only unharmed, full products in unharmed packing. The costs resulting from damaging the packing or not using the product according to its intended purpose must be paid by the buyer.

Responsibility Restraints

CQ-73 Ltd. cannot be called to account for connecting to its Webshop, for any happenings that belongs to vis major category or for any event that are out of its control.
You can find our company data at the Contact menu.

We hope our Webshop impressed you and we can welcome you among our regular customers.

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